​Union. Philosophy. Relaxation. The core essentials of yoga.

Yoga Classes

Welcome yogi. Let us make you familiar with the core essentials of yoga. Yoga is one form of stretching that intensifies the movement and flexibility of your joints and helps relax your body as well as mind by releasing stress. Exercises are characteristically performed in a slow and conscious way and special focus is put on your breathing. Thus, yoga takes out the stress inside you and makes you become one with your body and soul, achieving....


Meditation is an integral part of yoga which requires physical as well as mental discipline. Yoga will guide you to a more balanced life and towards becoming one with yourself as well as to physical and mental well-being.


Connecting body and mind is a major goal of our professional instructors, which they additionally help you achieve by sound healing sessions. Our expert-led yoga class will guide you step by step through different levels and forms of yoga and help you find inner calmness.


You will actively relax your body and mind, increase your body control as well as level of concentration. Every exercise will be performed consciously. You will learn different breathing as well as physical techniques to unite your body and soul and release any kind of tension. Balance is literally the key during your performance: whether you will have to stand on one leg or on your hands, but also metaphorically: to be able to stretch between your job and personal life, to achieve a work-life balance. It is about uniting seemingly ununitable categories, such as body and soul or work and daily life in a peaceful, encompassing way. Yoga is beneficent to your general life, as it teaches you to observe, perceive and live life fully as well as consciously.



You will learn different yoga postures that help you circulate energy and calmness. You might have already come across the child pose or the dog, but there is a lot more to learn. Our instructors are passionate about teaching and practicing traditional methods of yoga and help you set your mind free. Come join our 60-minute spiritual journey at any time you wish. Beginners as well as experts are welcome alike.