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Boxing Classes

Boxing like Muhammad Ali? Strike is the club to join and learn exactly that. We will make you familiar with the basics of boxing. As an overall dynamic sport, boxing is especially good to improve your endurance as well as muscle strength. Besides training your upper body, boxing strengthens your hips and legs since quick movements are required to pad your fists and twist and turn your upper body within split seconds. At Strike we call it Bulldog Boxing.


Also, it trains your perseverance as well as power of mind. Being an anaerobic exercise, meaning an activity conducted without oxygen, the act of boxing stresses the muscles repeatedly at a high intensity for short periods of time. However, a boxer is required to endure until the end of the fight, and ideally keep moving and explosively punching with the same intensity as in the beginning. Above all, a boxer needs to be concentrated and ready to react at any time and take quick decisions.

Our instructors help you develop a rapid reaction capacity to prepare you best for your boxing session. Additionally, this sport is a self-defense class. You are taught how to punch and block to protect yourself from being punched in return. If you are interested in learning boxing techniques and drills while developing your cardio and overall strength, our boxing classes are the right thing for you. We will help you improve several dimensions of fitness such as endurance, coordination and stamina and develop an overall disciplined body and mind.

fitness boxing class

Our fitness boxing class consists of sparring, learning and using different punching techniques such as hooks or uppercuts. We will show you that boxing is more than just having a fist fight! It is rather about technically making use and taking control of your fists. About self-discipline. Losing weight. Getting into shape. Practicing your endurance. Obtaining power. Enhancing your ability to react.


To improve these skills, your lesson will consist of rope skipping, shadow boxing, sandbag punching or couple boxing. We will show you how to stand up whenever you’re punched! Overcome your fears. Take quick decisions. Become decisive! To get into your success zone and make up your mind!


Moreover, boxing has many health benefits. It helps you lower the risk of diabetes or heart attacks. Instead, this combat sport helps you boost your metabolism and your blood circulation. Thanks to your ever-changing, twisting and turning workout, it makes you improve your balance and amplify your footwork!

Once you join, we guide you gradually to increase your level. You will also develop a better hand-eye coordination as you learn to always be on alert while constantly changing your position and adjusting your movements as well as postures. Imagine working your whole body as well as mind? It makes your muscles stronger, which will serve you in your daily life, too. So, don’t quit! Look at Muhammed Ali, the world famous boxer.


Set your goals and follow your dreams. Consistency is the key and we got the challenge for you! So we guarantee you to enhance your endurance, cardio as well as overall strength and positive outcomes for your daily life.

If you are interested in learning boxing techniques and drills while developing your cardio and overall strength, bulldog boxing is the right thing for you.

Come join our class and unleash your inner beast.



Boxing is not only great for strengthening your upper body but also improving your core strength and lower body since most power is generated from hips and below. Our coaches will guide you through our 60 minute class which will challenge and push the boundaries of your limits regardless of being a beginner or an advanced athlete.