Circuit Training

Endurance, resistance & muscle growth

Afropop Circuit Training

Have you ever tried circuit training? It is a fun group workout that allows you to combine and make use of different muscle groups for short intervals. Like this, your body and mind keep concentrated and you can push to your limits while under time pressure.

Circuit training includes different types of exercises that focus on endurance, resistance or muscle growth, which are combined into a circuit. Exercises succeed one another and are repeatedly performed, with usually short intervals to move to the next exercise station. Either a certain number of repetitions is given by our instructors or a time frame within which each single exercise needs to be completed. One circuit is completed once you have finished each exercise one time. Usually, minimal rest separates one circuit from the following. The most common number of repetitions are three rounds. In alternating style, a series of different exercises are performed, which usually focus on major muscle groups. Moreover, circuit training is a great form of workout that combines large groups of people with their individual needs, so that each athlete can perform their exercise to their own rhythm.


One special form of circuit training is our Afro HIIT circuit, which evolves around shaping your body by your own bodyweight or using additional weight to the rhythm of west African popular music. As it combines workout with music, it adds an additional level of fun and motivation to your exercise. Being a High Intensity Intervall Training (HIIT) class, it includes functional bodyweight movements together with strength and conditioning exercises to achieve a high caloric burn and benefit from the EPOC (excess post exercise oxygen consumption), also known as the after-burn.

Due to the decrease in oxygen, your body increases calorie burning processes. By alternating high intensity activity phase with short recovery phases, the training serves you to transform your body in a fun, yet effective way guided by our instructors. This HIIT/ strength mix is guaranteed to get your fitness on a new level along with the latest Afro music beats which adds a lot of fun, energy and diversity to your class.