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We welcome you to our official STRIKE page. Get struck while scrolling through our schedules. Strike is the number one hotspot in Abu Dhabi when it comes to fitness at the beach. We are partners with Abu Dhabi Marine and have created the perfect workout ground for you. We offer you a great variety of activities ranging from relaxing stretching classes to powerful and effort-demanding boxing classes or join a class of relaxing sunset yoga. Whether you want to keep it slow or are eager to test your limits, come around and enjoy our classes at Abu Dhabi Beach.


Working out while enjoying incredible sunsets and the ocean view – can you imagine a better panorama while burning calories? We offer you the most amazing beach location. Right beside us is Abu Dhabi´s most poular public beach, Al Bahar, Corniche. Let our professional team of educated trainers guide you through the classes to have a great workout while getting tanned before you just head straight down the beach and enjoy a refreshing cool down and chill with your friends.